Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not good bye.. More like smell ya later

Exactly one year from Jordan's boot camp graduation he deployed.  Both of us have known that this deployment was coming for some time, but there really is no way that you can prepare to part from your husband.  I have been able to see Heavenly Fathers hand in helping us get things in order before Jordan left.  I have felt the love and comfort from my Heavenly Father as I am going through this change time in my life.  Saying goodbye was hard, but I know that Jordan and I are together forever.  Seven months is no big deal in the whole scheme of things.  I am so grateful for the wonderful family and friends that I am surrounded by.  I really have been so blessed.  I am looking forward be being reunited with him.  I cant even imagine how wonderful it will be.  I love that kid more than I could ever love anyone or anything else.  I cant wait to hear his contagious laugh and be silly and goofy together.  I love you Jordan.  Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Korea better be good to you.