Sunday, December 23, 2012


This year has gone by incredibly fast I can hardly believe it.  These are a few things that Highlighted my year. 

I chopped off my locks.
Cider is potty trained!

Went the the Sundance Film Festival. 
Sent Allie off the Peru.

I got to watch Joshy Promenade.

I experience The Color Festival. I still don't get all the hype.
Finally, I got my associates degree.

Cider went swimming for her first time.
Moved in with Janessa and Tyson for a month.

I successfully made the move to San Clemente by myself

My blue eyed boy came home from deployment! HALLELUJAH! Longest six months of my life. 

J and I celebrated our one year anniversary. 

J and I went skydiving for Mariah's birthday.

I got a new job watching these kids.  Seriously, I love them.

J and I got a new nephew Jaxon and a new niece Penelope.

I finally made it to a DMB concert.  I thought I had died and went to heaven.

J and I went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Parkers.

Went to the Happiest Place on Earth with ma best gal pal.

 J and I took Cider to the Beach for her first time.  She hated it.

 J and I put up our first Christmas tree.

In this year I feel like I learned so much. 
I learned:
how to be a little less dependent on my blue eyed boy.
how important it is to always express your love for those in your life.
My family is my biggest fan.
It feels good to get good grades.
California is expensive.
  It's ok to make new friends.
trouble making puppies can turn into well behaved dogs
Learning how to do things on Youtube can save you $.
Exercise is as important as sleep.
No matter what the day will end and a new day begins.