Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gone Fishin'

This weekend Jordan and I went fishing on the open ocean.  We were so happy that our good Friends the McCubbins(Madi and Aaron) came along.  We woke up super early to make sure were didn't miss our boat.  As you can see the sun is just starting to make its appearance in the first picture.  It was a rough day of fishing. The water was too cold and the fish just weren't biting.  Madi was lucky enough to catch a little fish and Aaron caught a lobster cage.  Jordan and I and pretty much everyone else on the boat got skunked. 

Even though we didn't catch anything we had the opportunity to see a lot of marine life.  That alone was worth the trip.  We saw a huge pod of dolphins, lots of sea lions, and a ton of pelicans.  The boys were lucky enough to see a whale.  I'm sad I missed it while I was inside warming up my fingers. 

I really can't wait to go again.  We learned that next time before we go out to check the fish count.  Seriously, if you are ever in the area check out Dana Wharf they will make sure you have a good time.    

6 am smiles
J was nice enough to bait my hook.
 I really didn't feel like touching squid and sardines.
Our irreplaceable friends the McCubbins

This little guy swam by the boat a few times.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Newly Discovered Truths

I feel like every so often I have few ah-ha moments.  Then a new day comes along and I forget that ah-ha moment.  Those moments that the light bulb goes off in your head or the wheels make a complete circle are supposed to in someway change something in your life.  Most of these moments are really insignificant, but if I remembered them I could have less arguments with myself about things that need to be done.

Here are a few moments that I have had recently:
  • Eating a salad for lunch does NOT make it ok to eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies for dinner.
  • If your dog goes for a swim in the ocean it does NOT count as a bath... the stink will still be there if not worse.
  • Running the same distance every time you run will NOT help you progress.  You need to push yourself to run farther.
  • J can finally pull off a surprise without spilling the beans so do NOT try and get him to.
  • When J is gone the pup will try and take his place on the bed... and some. Enforce the NO dog on bed rule.
  • When I have a grocery list... Stick to it. NO cookie dough, mini pizza's, or other junk I don't need.
  • Talking about goals is NOT the same as working towards them.
Hopefully writing these thoughts down will help me remember them in the morning. Most importantly I need to start working on the last thing.