Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1950's Housewife

I am not against females rights by any means.  I enjoy my right to drive a car, vote, and get an education.  The height of any lady's existence doesn't have to be the day that she is able to stay at home, cook a meal and keep her house clean.  If you want to own a business, join the military, race an indie car, own a motorcycle, or run for president then do it.  I'm so glad that its totally acceptable for females to do that kind of stuff.
 I really think I was born in the wrong era though.  The things that get me most excited in life are exactly the things that little girls are told to do since the day they are born.  I love to look cute, cook meals for the husband, and make crafts.  I take pride in a clean home and I can't wait to taxi my kids around to all their different activities.  When I grow up I just want to be a housewife/mom.  It's not because I am trying to die without having a "real" job.  Taking care of kids is a rough job.  I know this to be true from many summers spent babysitting.  No matter how tired I was at the end of the day I wouldn't take back the energy we used making playdough, going outside and becoming mud monsters,or comforting them if they would get hurt or were sad.  Seriously, I can't even imagine the kind of joy I would experience as a mom.  I am totally fine being a stereotypical housewife/mom.  I would be good at it.  I could excel in this "profession".

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break

Spring break is almost over.  I had so many ideas of how I was going to spend my week off from school.  I was going to finish reading two books, finish the research for my psychology paper, enjoy the sunshine, and figure out where the crap Jordan and I are going to live when he gets home.  
 I ended up only reading two chapters total...  I haven't done any official research, but at least I think I have a permanent topic.  This week was beautiful especially for March in Utah.  I did enjoy the sunshine by hitting a bucket of balls.  I forgot how good it feels when your club connects with the ball perfectly.  It feels so effortless, it sounds beautiful, and the ball goes nice and straight.  I took a random hike to bridal veil falls.  It was nice to have quiet time and just think.  I think about at least a million random things daily.  I took out the holga camera and snapped a couple of pictures.  I can't wait to get my film developed and see how they all turned out.  One of my friends, Kelsey, got married and I was so happy that I was able to support her and new new hubby Taylor and attend their sealing.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  Cider and I have been on a few walks and played fetch.  If only the weather would stay this nice forever (I hear a storm is coming this way though. BOOOO!). 
  I have talked to Jordan twice this break.  I think thats a new record, twice in a week.  He is alive and well.  I learned about MotoMail.  It's a great tool that lets you send letters to Jordan and within 48 hours he is supposed to get them.  So even though I might not get a response it helps me feel better that he knows that I am thinking about him. 
I have found an apartment in San Clemente that looks like it could be the perfect fit.  I will be really excited if everything works out and we have a place to live.  There is a park within walking distance and Jordan will only be 15 minutes away from work.  That sure beats the 40 minutes he had in Oceanside. We will have an extra bedroom and bathroom so all is welcome to stay whenever they would like.
Lately, I have had a love for J. Crew.  The outlet store in Park City always has such great deals that I can not pass up.  My wardrobe is being replenished with J. Crew and not Nordstrom... Folks this is a very big deal. 
Even though I didn't do exactly what I had planned for spring break I think that I found better alternatives.  I have really enjoyed this break from school and I am now dreading Monday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sista Girl

This is my Sista Girl Janessa.  I love her for so many reasons. 

She has loved me since before I was born.

She is such a great example to me.

She can always remind me to have an eternal perspective on everything in life.

She has such a strong testimony.

She calls me 5 times a day to check up on me.

She always takes good care of me.

When she finds something she thinks I might like she informs me.

She is the best at making treats. I can always count on treats when I am with her.

She has always shared her clothes with me.

She lets me use her make up and hair products.  I love when she visits.

She is a dependable person.

I can talk to her about anything.

She is a very talented dancer.

She introduced me to goldendoodles.

She is generous.  She would give me the shirt off her back.

Her happiness is contagious.  I love that she often laughs until she cries.

She is a hardworker.

She is always willing the help anyway that she can.

I love my brothers to death but I am so glad that Heavenly Father knew that I would need a sister.

Missing Oceanside

I have lived in Utah my whole life.  I have always thought that Utah is the place where I want to raise my family and be planted forever.  When I moved to California last July I never had any intentions of wanting to live there forever.  I have always kind of had negative stereotypes imprinted in my brain with Southern California.  Since moving back to Utah after Jordan was deployed I am so anxious to move back.  I honestly would be fine if Oceanside became our permanent stomping grounds.  Oceanside is where Jordan and I had our first home together.  It wasn't much just a small two bedroom apartment.  Maybe one reason I miss Oceanside so much is because I associate it with Jordan and lets be honest everyone around me has to hear on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) how much I miss the kid.  Really I would give anything to go back and have my home with Jordan.  Anyway... there are so many things that I really took for granted while living there that i will be sure to take full advantage of come June.

I really miss tanning on the beach everyday.

Chick-fil-a just a few miles away.  I can't get enough of their chicken nuggets.

Grocery shopping at the commissary.  I love a good deal.  I did take advantage of it (I was there almost everyday) but I can't wait to make my return.

Red Cup.  It was a good date night.  We all know how much Jordan loves Ice Cream.  Frozen Yogurt is a little better though.  I will be sure to continue filling up my punch card.

Jordan and I never did make our way over to the farmers market but I will be sure go there at least a few times.

Most of all I just cant wait to get back to start cooking meals again and listening for Jordan to pull up after work.  I can't wait to get back into the routine of a hug and a kiss first thing as he walks in through the door.