Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow, I am so behind on blogging it's ridiculous.  Last time I blogged was before Jordan was home.  Anyway we just got back from Utah.  We decided to use Jordan's leave and visit our family.  Here is a little photo summary of our trip.  Like usual I really wish that I had taken more pictures.  I need to be better at that. 

 My Sister Cortney had her baby just a few days before we arrived.  I was so excited to meet this little boy.  Jaxon Bear Brown is this little guys name.  It was fun to watch Jordan hold something so tiny compared to how large he is.

Madison is such a sweet girl.  It was so good to see her.  First thing she said to us when we went to their how is "new baby, new baby." She is a great big sister and was so excited to show us her new little brother.

 For the 4th of July we went to Park City for the usual Fuller activities.  We had a BBQ and played some crazy ball.  This year my mom joined us and I was glad she was there to keep me company while Jordan played crazy ball until his heart was content.  Also, the whole state of Utah was on fire while we were there so fireworks were banned.  What a bummer.  We had glow stick though while we watched the fireworks from memorial hill.

 Jordan's dad was kind enough to take us to Lagoon.  Quickly I learned that I am no longer 15.  So I'm only 21 but I really can't go on all the rides at amusement parks like I used to.

For our anniversary I gave Jordan his present a little early.  I gave him all the gear he would need to go camping.  I am excited we can finally camp on the beach.  We got to use our new camping equipment.  We went with Jordan's family for the weekend to Starvation Reservoir.  Dave got to take his boat out and we had so much fun tubing.  We stayed up late playing catch phrase.  I can't even begin to tell you how hard I was laughing the whole time.

  We got back just in time to watch my brother Nick drive in the Riverton Demolition Derby.  It was his first time doing the full weld and he took first place.  I'm so glad that Jordan and I were able to support him.

 My little brother Josh had quite the hair.  He was kind enough to let me straighten it.  It is crazy to me how much my brothers look alike.  The middle picture is best.

Brittany Wagstaff is my long lost BFF.  In high school I swear we were together everyday and now I get to see her once in a blue moon.  Anyways she was kind enough to take us out on a boat ride.  We went surfing and now I have an urge to put aside my fear of sharks and learn how to surf ocean waves. 

 I have don't know why I thought skydiving would be a great idea? I have never had the urge to jump out of a plane.  For Mariah's birthday we (Mariah, Dave, Me, and Jordan) all went skydiving.  I was really probably one of the coolest things I have ever done.  I highly recommend it to everyone!

 While we were in Utah we celebrated our one year anniversary.  We spent the night at Hotel Park City.  We didn't even get the chance to enjoy how nice that hotel was after our wedding so one year later we went back.  Our Cake maker was kind enough to recreate the top of our wedding cake so we got to eat a fresh one.  Yum.

Jordan gave me an infinity ring.  I love it.  He was actually able to pull of a surprise before i ruined it.  Somehow he knew I had been looking at them.

You are probably wondering what this disgusting picture above is.  Well when we came back from Utah we discovered we had a leak in our apartment.  Who know how long it was leaking.  Of course it was in the master closet.  A lot of things molded including all of my shoes and some clothes.  On the bright side we got a bigger nicer apartment out of it.

Well that can pretty much sum up our very busy trip to Utah.